The 18 Teeth Ice Crampons Anti -Slip Shoes are made of high-quality stainless steel cleats, thicker and stronger to make them never bend and safe for outdoor activity. The spike-and-chain system provides excellent traction on a variety of ice surfaces or other worst conditions. Hard plastic tape into a super elastic rubber band ensures a tight hold on your shoe, keeps you safe and injury-free. 12cm+12cm, flexible and extensible, suitable for all kinds of footwear, such as hiking shoes, and mountain boots, sports shoes, etc.

Crampons Ice Cleats Traction Snow Grips very simple to use these ice cleats, buckle in the shoes, the front has a hook, the laces tied to the hook are very strong. Easy to adjust the degree of tightness, comfortable, and stays in place. Two straps make sure the ice crampons tighter and safer. Suitable for outdoor four seasons essential. 18 Teeth Stainless Steel Spikes reduce the risk of injury from slips and falls when walking on ice, snow, mud, and wet grass, or other poor conditions. Perfect for not only outdoor walking, climbing, hiking, ice fishing, etc. but also for the use of snow and ice in the city, especially for the elderly children snow slide out of season to use.


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18 Teeth Crampons Traction Anti-slip Shoes

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