The Functional Neck Pillow stabilizes the cervical vertebrae and thus promotes an ergonomically correct head and shoulder posture. It's specially designed to comfortably support the head and neck at work and during travel to effectively relieve pain in the head, neck, and shoulders. Our Neck Support Flight Pillow constructed with high-quality memory foam, luxurious and breathable. The memory foam supports the head and neck perfectly. Easy to compress, easy to collect in a pillow storage bag.

Functional Travel Pillow has multi-angle protection of the cervical spine the rear hump shape fixed cervical spine, to prevent the head side slip, and both sides of the groove, natural fit, to reduce the amount of bone pressure, front plus high, to prevent excessive head-down tilt, conducive to cervical line health protection.


  • Item Type:  Nack Pillow
  • Material:  Memory Cotton Core
  • Color: Grey

Functional Neck Pillow Hook and Loop

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